Thursday, June 7, 2012

Safety for summer at O'Meara Ford!

O'Meara Ford wants to make sure you are safe this summer!

Technology in our new Ford products helps to keep you and your family safer.

Did you know that each and every day at least 15 people are killed and another 1200 are injured due to crashes involving a distracted driver? Something that seems so harmless like adjusting the radio, answering a cell phone, or sending a text diverts your attention from driving and causes you to become distracted.

All of us here at O'Meara Ford want to keep you and your family safe by informing you of the dangers of distracted driving so that you do not become a statistic. Ford has added state of the art technology like Bluetooth® for phone in it's SYNC® system available on most models to help reduce driver distractions helping you to be a safer driver.

The SYNC® system allows you to answer and place phone calls through the integrated Bluetooth®. Once a supported phone is paired with the system you can dial out with voice commands and answer calls with out ever taking your hands off the steering wheel by using the steering wheel controls. All helping you to maintain focus on the road. Like your music? Who doesn't?! With the SYNC® system all you have to do is connect your digital media player and then you can then play your digital music files by track, artist, album, genre and playlist using just voice commands! How cool is that!
The SYNC® system can even read aloud incoming text messages, if your phone supports this function, so that you don't have to take your eyes off the road!

SYNC® also allows you to monitor your vehicles health! By registering your vehicle at you can get information about the important systems in your car so that you know exactly what needs attention and when all by using voice commands!
In the event you do have an accident the SYNC® system has the capability of calling 911 on your behalf!
These are just a few of the incredible capabilities of the Ford SYNC® system! Features like SYNC® AppLink™ and SYNC® Services make driving a Ford an incredible and safer experience!

O'Meara Ford is ready to help you and your family own a brand new Ford so give us a call at 303-254-5020 to learn more about our inventory or come in and speak to one of our sales representatives!

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