Thursday, April 11, 2013

Eco-Boost Challenge at O'Meara Ford

Ford Eco-Boost Challenge is on at O'Meara Ford

This year, Ford is taking on the competition – head to head!  In this exciting campaign Ford found current owners of competitive vehicles who were in the market for a new vehicle and invited them to a road course to drive Ford cars, trucks and SUVs side-by-side with the best that Honda, Toyota, Chevy, Jeep, etc., had to offer. 

Hosted by Motor Trend, professional driving instructors helped “real people” put Ford vehicles through the paces so they could truly experience the superiority of our Ford products.

And, wow, were they impressed!

The power of EcoBoost technology and the superior driving dynamics of Ford vehicles amazed people and when they learned about Ford's great fuel efficiency they were simply blown away. Ford also demonstrated other leading edge technology features like BLIS, hands-free lift gate and park-assist. 

Ford has the best product line of any full line manufacture and is ready to prove it! Come in today and take the Eco-Boost Challenge for yourself. 

Call us today at 303-254-5250 and schedule your test drive today! You won't be disappointed!

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