Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to save on fuel cost

Tips for fuel economy from O'Meara Ford

Improving your fuel economy is simple and won't break the bank. By using these three helpful tips in conjunction with each other, you can go from your vehicle guzzling gas to using it most efficiently, which saves you money at the pump. Follow these three simple rules and you could see a 15% improvement in your fuel economy.

Slow Down

By driving 60 miles per hour instead of 70 on the highway, you can save two to four miles per gallon during the duration of your trek. Also, go easy on the throttle. Avoid accelerating quickly or stomping on the brakes. And close those windows. Driving on the highway with your windows open can lower your fuel economy by up to 10%.

Maintenance is the key

Always check that your vehicle's tire pressure is set to the recommended pressure. This can increase your fuel economy by 3.3%. Also, keep an eye on the air filter. Having a clean filter can save as much as 10% on fuel costs. And don't forget the regular tune up. By keeping your vehicle in top running order, you can see up to a 4.1% increase in fuel economy.

Modify your mentality

Make an effort to combine trips if possible, park in a central location and walk. If you can avoid driving and your destination is close, try walking or riding a bike to conserve money and gas. And lastly, fill up on cool mornings. Fuel is denser in cooler temperatures, and since pumps measure in volume, you can get more gas for your buck when it's cooler outside.

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