Monday, June 30, 2014

O'Meara Ford Center of Denver - MyTouch Guide available

O'Meara Ford Center wants to introduce the MyTouch Guide app available for Android and iOS!

A great way to get questions answered about MyFord Touch through an interactive application on your smart phone that can be used anywhere!

The MyFord Touch Guide app emulates the actual user experience of Ford’s MyFord Touch® in-vehicle infotainment system. Interacting on this app, as an alternative to using the system itself, is a great way to learn about the system – from anywhere, at any time. The app has four unique interaction modes: normal – interactive, help – interactive, help – video FAQ and help – re-configurations.
In the normal - interactive mode you will get a simulated environment for the MyFord Touch® Climate, Phone, Entertainment, Navigation, Settings and Info screens.
You can switch to the help – interactive mode by clicking the question mark next to the clock tab. Click on any highlighted button in the help mode and an Avatar will appear to explain the functionality.
The help – video FAQ mode can be accessed by clicking the FAQ button to the right of the highlighted question mark. This mode offers several video “tutorials” in a list.
You can access the help – re-configurations mode by clicking the three horizontal bars button to the left of the clock while the question mark is highlighted. This mode offers a number of useful features of the app - for example, you can see how the MyFord Touch® system looks like in a number of vehicle models.
O'Meara Ford Center
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